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Terri Levine

Terri has a passion for helping businesses grow with her own personal experience gained while building multiple successful businesses from the ground up. Terri created the Heartrepreneur cause, teaching business owners to do business heart-to-heart.


Terri is a business mentoring expert and the Chief Heartrepreneur at Heartrepreneur LLC. She is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, radio host, and appears regularly in the media as a business coaching and consulting expert.

Terri got fed up with how business treated prospects, customers, employees, and vendors and decided to shift the business mindset and created the term Heartrepreneur to overhaul how we do business today. Dr. Levine disrupts how business owners communicate, sell, and market their businesses.

Her programs range from business coaching and business consulting, business training seminars for business owners, business coaching training programs to develop coaching skills, creating professional training courses for others in the field of business coaching and providing additional products and services to companies seeking support to become Heartrepreneur-based businesses.

She is shifting how business is done today and her heart-to-heart proprietary Heartrepreneur based strategies are taking off like crazy. Her bestselling book, "Turbocharge How to Transform Your Business As a Heartrepreneur" became an instant best-seller among business owners around the globe. Turbocharge has been nominated for the Best Personal Development Book of the Year.

All of Terri's Heartrepreneur programs shift leaders, employees, business owners, and entrepreneurs to a place of complete authenticity, transparency, and into heart-based communication.


Easy And Effective Marketing Tools For Building A Prosperous Law Practice: Become A Rainmaker And Get Known As An Expert - Kindle Edition

Today’s legal landscape is filled with rough terrain. With the prevalence of information and forms on the internet, many people serve as their own legal counsel, without any legal training. Businesses that have been hard hit by the economic downturn are forcing law firms to reduce their billable rates. Law firms are not hiring or are downsizing, yet law schools continue to turn out large numbers of graduates.

Gone are the days when a lawyer could put out a shingle and, with a bit of expertise, run a lucrative practice. To be successful today, lawyers need to run their practices more like a business. They need to develop effective systems, understand financials, and continuously market themselves to build a sustainable practice, all while performing legal services for their existing clients. Not an easy task.

In this book, we focus on the marketing issue, as without effective marketing, even the best-run firm will not survive very long. We approach marketing from two angles: becoming a rainmaker and positioning oneself as an expert. Obviously, law firms need clients, and rainmakers are the ones who bring clients into the firm.

To be an effective rainmaker requires, among other things, being able to promote and sell one’s services. We describe a four-step process and provide many tools and techniques to enable attorneys to improve their marketing skills and their relationship-building skills so they can become better rainmakers and build profitable law practices.

However, we don’t stop there. We delve into another powerful approach for attorneys to market themselves, called content marketing. Content marketing consists of providing information which demonstrates that the creator knows the subject matter and that it provides value to the audience. The attorney who produces information-based products thereby positions himself or herself as an expert and gains the appreciation of the recipient who benefits from the information. Such information-based products significantly enhance the attorney’s credibility and visibility, leading more people to retain him or her. We provide a number of tips for producing effective content marketing and discuss ten types of information-based products, as well as some of their pros and cons.

We know that most attorneys would prefer to focus on the practice of law, and not on the business of building a legal practice. We have kept this book short so it won’t take long to get through, and we have stocked it with easy, effective, and economical techniques to help you grow your practice quickly.

Coaching Is for Everyone: Learn How to Be Your Own Coach at Any Age

READING THIS BOOK WILL BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR CURRENT LIFE … in fact, you'll never have the same stressful, unfulfilling life again! Sadly, you were never taught the life and work skills you really needed for success or to understand what your life’s mission, vision, and purpose were all about. It isn't your fault that you live a life filled with chaos and ups and downs and you feel like life is slipping by and you barely have time to breathe. In these pages, you will finally learn how to create your own authentic life without stress or struggle and to shift your life and work to become easy, effortless, and joy-filled, every day. Be one of the people who learn to live magically by knowing, practicing, and using the simple, effective, powerful, and proven self-coaching techniques revealed by The Guru of Coaching.

Work Yourself Happy

Work Yourself Happy is a step-by-step guide to creating joy in your life and work. It offers the reader insights, experiences, fears, and successes as a road map to moving towards what people want and need to be happy in their working lives. For some, it may mean finding a new career. For others, simply changing parts of their current job. Some readers may want to stop work altogether and start their own business. Whatever the readers' situation, Work Yourself Happy will help them uncover their deepest desires, help them tap into the courage they'll need to face their fears, and provide them with ideas and techniques they can use to begin creating a life they'll love.

Stop Managing, Start Coaching

Terri Levine coaches businesses of all sizes who want to achieve more success through her methods. Terri is a nationally recognized authority on creating greater business and personal success and regularly appears in a variety of media. She specializes in using Comprehensive Coaching principles to create extraordinary growth for her clients' businesses. She provides workshops, coaching, and keynotes around the world and is passionate about sharing coaching tools to create a new management model. This book provides proven ways to dramatically increase employee morale and retention, including how to create greater productivity - and profitability! Learn the process that will get great results in a company of any size. This book will teach you: . How to lower employee turnover; . How to appreciate what employees want and how to reward them; . How to use solid tactics to boost morale fast; and, . How to take mediocre employees and create high power performance work teams. Stop Managing, Start Coaching! will shift your company culture from managing employees to truly changing employee behavior.

The Ultimate Game Plan

If you are a current or future consultant, The Ultimate Game Plan is THE go-to resource for you to:

  • Optimize your consulting model;

· Deliver greater impact for your clients;

· Attract a steady stream of clients who deeply desire your help;

  • Skyrocket your revenue.

This book will help you enjoy growing profits and a steady stream of cash flow to give you the ultimate long-term flexibility for you and your business.

In the foreword by Jack Canfield, he declares: "This book is definitely the place for you to start if you want to create a booming consulting business with exceptional revenues."

About to Break: The Path to True Forgiveness

Terri Levine spent over five decades holding grudges and resentment and being angry with herself and with others. At one point in her life, she felt as if she was about to break. About To Break, is her real-life autobiography that shares her story and the forgiveness technique she developed for herself to fully forgive herself and others. Terri has shared this forgiveness process with clients and friends and they asked her to write this book to help others live their lives with more joy, peace, ease, and love in their hearts.

In this book, Dr. Levine, a top business consultant, and life coach tells her story and gives you the process to forgive yourself and all others. The simple and easy-to-follow steps on the path to forgiveness will help you achieve more of what you prefer in your life and work and allows you to release unhealthy feelings towards yourself and others. The goal of this book is to share a proven method that creates more self-love, greater self-esteem, and better relationships with yourself and the people in your life. This is a very important book that will shift your outer behavior as well as your inner thoughts so that you are aligned to have more success in all areas of your life and business.