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Brendon Burchard

“Work hard, be passionate, be grateful, follow your strengths, add value.”

Brendon Burchard is a New York Times best-selling author and "the world's leading high performance coach". His latest book, High Performance Habits, was a Wall Street Journal bestseller and named by Amazon as one of its top three best business and leadership books of 2017. Burchard was on the cover of SUCCESS Magazine in October 2017 where the article named him the world's highest-paid motivation and marketing trainer. He has several online personal development courses with the Oprah Winfrey Network, and according to Forbes he has trained over 1.5 million students in his online courses. O, The Oprah Magazine, named him "one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth." His podcast is called The Brendon Show.

About Brendon

After suffering from depression and surviving a car accident at the age of 19, Brendon faced what he felt were life’s last questions: “Did I live fully? Did I love openly? Did I make a difference?” His intention to be happy with the answers led to his own personal breakthroughs, and ultimately to his life’s purpose of helping others live, love, and matter. He spent his 20s researching psychology and leadership, and consulting at Accenture. By age 32, he had struck out on his own and became a #1 best-selling author, an in-demand high performance coach, a sought-after speaker, and an early pioneer in the online education space.

Today, Brendon is widely considered the world’s leading high performance coach (according to both SUCCESS Magazine and Oprah.com). He is also one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers in history. He is a Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook and his videos have been viewed more than 100 million times. More than 2,000,000 students have completed his online courses and video series. For these results, Oprah.com named him “one of the most successful online trainers in history.”

A #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon and #1 USA Today best-selling author, Brendon’s books include The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life’s Golden Ticket. His latest book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, debuted as a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and Amazon named it in the Top 3 Best Business and Leadership Books of 2017.

Brendon is also the star and executive producer of the #1 self-help series on YouTube. His podcast, The Charged Life (now The Brendon Show), debuted at #1 on iTunes across all categories in multiple countries, and remained in the Top 10 in its category for over 100 weeks. His live webcasts continue to set records and have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales.

SUCCESS Magazine named Brendon “one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement” along with Oprah, Joel Osteen, Arianna Huffington, Dave Ramsey, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. O, The Oprah Magazine calls Brendon “one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.” Larry King named him “one of the world’s most successful motivation and marketing trainers.”

Brendon was on the cover of SUCCESS Magazine in October 2017.

A popular conference speaker, Brendon has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Magic Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, and hundreds of luminaries and business leaders. His own seminars, “Experts Academy” and “High Performance Academy,” continue to sell out to audiences from around the globe. Entrepreneur magazine ranked his “Experts Academy” seminar as “one of the top 5 must-attends for all entrepreneurs.”

Recognized as a worldwide authority on both human motivation and business marketing, Brendon is the recipient of the Maharishi Award and sits on the Innovation Board at the XPRIZE Foundation. In 2017, he was on the cover of SUCCESS Magazine and also named a member of Super Soul 100, Oprah Winfrey Network’s grouping of the most influential teachers of our time.


Burchard cites surviving a car accident at age 19 as the inspiration for his core teaching questions: “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” His video about his story became a viral hit, with over 27 million views.

Burchard is the founder of the Experts Academy and High Performance Academy. Both training programs provide students with Burchard's lessons in business, entrepreneurship, psychology, productivity, and persuasion.

In 2011, Burchard's second book, The Millionaire Messenger was published and reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list that year. It also ranked #1 on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon.com bestseller lists.

In 2012 his book The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive reached #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

In 2012, Mashable named Burchard at the top of their "Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Daily Inspiration".

In 2014, his book The Motivation Manifesto spent 32 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

In 2016, he was named a member of Oprah Winfrey Network's Super Soul 100.

In 2017, his book High Performance Habits became a Wall Street Journal bestseller and was #2 on Amazon's "Best business and leadership books of 2017" list.

At the end of our lives, we all ask,

“Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

At 19 years old, standing bloody atop the mangled hood of a wrecked car after an accident, I learned those three vital questions. Every day since then, I have tried to live my life so that I’m happy with the answers. I deeply understand that I have been gifted a second chance.

Despite all the public fanfare and our huge online business, people are always surprised to discover how simple I am. It comes from my parents, who struggled so hard to raise us four kids. It comes from my dad, who reminded us before he passed away from leukemia in 2009: “Be yourself. Be honest. Do your best. Take care of your family. Treat people with respect. Be a good citizen. Follow your dreams.”

The praise and the accolades are appreciated, and I’m trying harder not to let them fall on deaf ears. I guess it’s where I’m from, and from what I’m made of. This has never been about attention. It’s been about sharing what I’ve learned and trying to inspire others to find their own second chances.

Most people are not stuck in unsatisfying lives because of negative habits. They’re stuck in caged lives because of lack of opportunity, lack of exposure to better education, strategies, or role models, and perhaps lack of a clear purpose or direction that would drive them to overcome fear, aimlessness or procrastination. Many people struggle with no or few habits, or perhaps ineffective habits, that are rapidly helping them progress toward a defined set of goals. In other words, it’s less about negative habits and more about a lack of direction and long-term positive habits.

In regard to three strategies for breaking negative habits, though, I might suggest this:

Understanding What’s In The Way

Identify what you want and any recurring thoughts or behaviors that prevent you from moving toward that every week. Meaning, don’t be esoteric about habits. What specifically do you want, and what specifically are you doing on a weekly basis that prevents your progress? Awareness is always the first step to any personal development breakthrough.

Develop New, Positive Rituals

Start new rituals before trying to replace the old. Here is where people often make mistakes — they try to address negative habits, hoping that one day they can break the negative habit and suddenly a new positive habit will magically appear. But that’s not how it really works. You have to start the new good thing, and get some payoff or momentum in that new good thing, before you’ll be willing to go cold turkey on the old bad habit. So ask, “What can I start tomorrow that would help me move toward what I want to experience?” Start that. Then, once you’ve got that ritual running smoothly, start dismantling the old bad habit.

Dismantle The Bad Habit

Don’t even try to do this on your own. If you have a bad habit, discuss it with three friends, or three family members, or a professional coach or therapist. Ask them for tools or support and ongoing accountability to keep you from that habit. You already know it’s a bad habit, so making a list about why it’s bad is too junior varsity of advice. Instead, mobilize. Bad habits are most easily broken by a program of social support.


High Performance Habits

High Performance Habits is a science-backed, heart-centered plan to living a better quality of life. After extensive original research and a decade as the world’s highest-paid performance coach, Brendon Burchard finally reveals the most effective habits for reaching long-term success. It turns out that just six habits move the needle the most in helping you succeed.

The Motivation Manifesto

The Motivation Manifesto is a pulsing, articulate, ferocious call to claim our personal power. World-renowned high performance trainer Brendon Burchard reveals that the main motive of humankind is the pursuit of greater Personal Freedom. We desire the grand liberties of choice—time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Only two enemies stand in our way: an external enemy, defined as the social oppression of who we are by the mediocre masses, and an internal enemy, a sort of self-oppression caused by our own doubt and fear.

The Charge

Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive

This book reveals how you can feel more alive, productive, and fulfilled in a chaotic world by mastering the very drives that make you most human and happy.

The Millionaire Messenger

Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice

The Millionaire Messenger reveals how everyday people can share their life’s lessons and advice with others and earn a fortune in the process. Author Brendon Burchard reveals a 10-step plan for making an impact and an income with what you know.

Life’s Golden Ticket

A Parable of Life, Loss and Redemption

This book is an inspirational novel about second chances in life and in love. It’s the story of a troubled man who visits an abandoned amusement park searching for clues into his fiancee’s disappearance.

The High Performance Planner

The first-ever science-backed planner for reaching high performance in all you do.

Introducing the High Performance Planner, the 2-in-1 planner and journal achievers use to win the day and accelerate long-term success. You’ll never feel so upbeat, organized, and on-track to achieving your dreams.

The High Performer

Burchard is quick to express admiration and gratitude for his predecessors in personal development, but he’s also bold enough to call out the industry on what he feels it’s missing.

“High performance is succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long term,” he says, differentiating his concept of high performance from the grit or hustle we hear about in startup phases.

“It’s about how you go to another level—whether that’s in your career, your relationships, your health, your well-being or your family,” he says. In his book, he addresses how we all lean toward the same story: “Work hard, be passionate, be grateful, follow your strengths, add value. And those are really great. They make a hell of a commencement speech.”

But billions of people do all these things and still aren’t getting ahead. “There must be something different that helps us get ahead.”

In High Performance Habits, he writes about a previous coaching client named Tom, a high-level executive, who sent Burchard an email after two years of coaching, saying he was not progressing and Burchard needed to either figure out why or say goodbye to him as a client. Burchard says back then he was your run-of-the-mill life coach, so they’d done all the typical stuff: the 360-degree reviews, personality tests, calendar analyses. His frustration with Tom’s lack of progress turned into a fire in the belly to figure it out.

He put on his student cap again. He learned how to conduct validated studies, read and assess scientific findings and pull together a team of professionals who could help him not just log his experiences, methods and breakthroughs, but prove them. The book took three years to research because he wanted a truly disciplined study of high performance. The research in the book includes 195 countries and more than 2 million people representing data points, which is now the world’s largest high-performance study ever done.

The work yielded six recurring habits of high performers. Over and over, Burchard found, they seek clarity, generate energy, raise their emotional drive making great performance a necessity, increase their productivity, develop influence with others and demonstrate courage.

Burchard says his book differs from other performance books because most just talk about the science of starting and stopping habits, “which always sound like this: Try it, stick to it for 90 days and then it will stay and become unconscious and automatic,” he says. “And I didn’t feel like there was a voice in the industry saying, ‘Actually that’s not the habit you want.’ ”

He wants his clients to have deliberate, conscientious habits. “I want them knowing exactly what they’re doing so they can do it again and so they can lead other people to do it.”