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The Adidas brand name has embarked on a mission to become the world’s top brand name with its slogan “Impossible is Nothing.” In 1920, following the end of World War 1, the Dassler family began manufacturing sports shoes. In the beginning, it was just a small family-owned business, but just four years later they had 12 employees who would produce 50 pairs of shoes a day. This is when “The Dassler brothers shoe factory” was born.

Eight years after its very beginning, the Dassler brand footwear was worn in the Olympic Games and in 1932, the first medal was won. This contributed to Dassler footwear gaining popularity, the foundation of another factory and the commencement of mass- production. During World War 2, Rudolph, one of the brothers, spent some time in a war camp and the factory was forced to produce shoes for the American army, free of charge. Upon his return from the war camp, the business was to be started over from scratch, but the former unity between the two had been broken. Adi named his company Addas, only to rename it into Adidas later on, after his initials, whereas Rudi founded the Ruda company, whose name was yet to be changed into Puma. The brothers, and former business associates, turned into bitter adversaries. Adi even breached the non-use of the mutual logo agreement by adding a third stripe to the existing two thus patenting a symbol of the new brand, while the collaboration with the Olympic Committee was renewed as well. Interestingly, the German national football team won the World Cup for the first time in 1954 wearing Adidas boots.

At the same time, Adidas expanded its product range with sports bags and tracksuits as well as other sporting goods later on. In October 2007, the Adidas brand manufactured, for the African Nations Cup, a special football containing colors and symbols of African nations on it, and it was used in the Cup in 2008. That year, Adidas manufactured a ball used in the Champions League Finals. In the same year, it sought closer collaboration with the NBA league, but it also launched Adidas Predator@ - PowerSwerwe, special football footwear, which significantly enhanced the ability to control the ball and athletic performances at the same time. Today, numerous athletes wear Adidas apparel in sporting arenas, among others: Kaká, Philipp Lahm, Allesandro Del Piero, Xabi Alonso, Christoph Leitgeb, Hu Jia.

Today, Adidas stands for one of the best-known and most successful sports brands devoted to constant development and progress which has been proved through frequent innovations and new merchandise as well as original advertising campaigns.

The Adidas logo design

Adidas – a brand name on the agenda of all sports departments worldwide. Adidas was founded by Adolph Adi Dassler, who began manufacturing shoes in 1920, alongside his brother Rudolph Dassler who was to found a rival shoe factory, PUMA AG later on. Adi Dassler’s goal was to provide each athlete with the best possible sporting goods. For this, he adhered to three main principles: engineer the best shoe to meet their requirements, protect the athlete from injuries and make a durable product. Today, the Adidas product range contains various products: footwear, apparel, basketball, football, fitness, extreme sports and golf equipment. The logo design of the footwear and apparel company has three parallel stripes, with the same symbol incorporated into the official Adidas logo.Over the years, the only symbol associated with Adidas has been a trefoil (floral) logo design. The three leaves demonstrate the spirit of Olympism in connection with three continents as part of brand’s heritage and history. “The Trefoil” was adopted as corporate logo design in 1972. In 1996, there came the decision that the trefoil logo would be applied only to heritage products. Examples of products using the trefoil logo design include: Stan Smith, Rod Laver, A 15 Warm-Up and the Classic T-Shirt. In January 1996, the trefoil brand symbol became the global Adidas corporate logo. This logo stands for the performances and future of the Adidas identity. It has become a synonym for Adidas and its devotion to top-quality sports products aimed at improving athletic performances.

Iconic three stripes were bought

The whole world recognizes the famous three-stripes logo as the Adidas trademark, but the truth is these three stripes were not in the possession of the brand run by Adi Dassler. He bought the trademark from a Finnish shoemaking brand, Karhu. The logo used by the Dassler brothers contained two stripes, which was ruled out, the four stripes-logo would be too much, but three would be a perfect choice. According to legend, Karhu sold the trademark to Adidas for two bottles of whiskey and 1,600 euros in today’s money. Once Adidas started designing and manufacturing apparel as well, the company changed its logo, i.e. chose its three leaf logo, carefully incorporating the famous three stripes.

Adidas had “smart” trainers back in the 1980s.

Smart phones, watches and other such portable devices might be more up-to-date, but Adidas had smart trainers back in the 1980s, more precisely, in 1984. They were Micropacer trainers with an embedded microprocessor within the shoe tongue. Albeit short-lived, they were obsolete by 1987 but Adidas brought them back to life at its 30th anniversary - in 2014.

David Beckham has a lifetime endorsement deal

Former football star David Beckham has not played professionally since 2013 but he is still a member of the Adidas family - and he will be there forever. In 2003, he signed a lifetime contract worth 160,8 million dollars, which was unheard of at the time. Beckham received half of the total sum in advance, and now that he is retired, he is still an ambassador for Adidas.

The first fashion brand to go to outer space

Y-3 (Adidas fashion branch) and the designer, Yohji Yamamoto, announced in January last year that passengers on the first commercial flight to outer space with Virgin Galactic (among others Leonardo DiCaprio and Richard Branson), would be wearing clothes and boots of this brand. The prototype of a one-piece jumpsuit and boots is constructed with fire retardant materials and the Y-3 team carries on testing the clothes and footwear so as to remove all possible defects in design towards functionality, prior to the launch which has not yet been announced.

Adidas has come up with shower sandals

According to the Adidas blog, a German football club addressed the company in the 1960s with a demand for shoes for their players to wear in the showers and changing rooms. So, shower sandals, or Adilette, as the company named them, came into existence in 1972, and since then they have been the favorite choice of numerous athletes.