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Les Hewitt

Focus, follow through and FINISH

With more than 30 years of experience, Les Hewitt understands the real world of business and the struggle to stay focused.

Career Highlights

In his early career, Les became the #1 salesperson in the country for a large international network marketing company, winning every award in the business.

His organization has created and delivered more than 900 workshops and training programs that have been utilized by thousands of executives, managers and sales leaders. Les is also the founder of The Power of Focus Leadership Training Program, a unique focusing system for business leaders who want greater profits, less stress and more time off.

The Power of Focus has worked with more than 300 companies in Canada, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Russia, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Les is an international bestselling author. His first book, The Power of Focus, co-authored by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul®), is a #1 New York Times bestseller and has sold more than 825,000 copies in North America and is available in 21 languages. There are currently 6 books in the series.

Les has also created numerous audio and video programs. Clients he has spoken for and coached include Wells Fargo, The Million Dollar Round Table, Investors Group, Remax, Isagenix, Royal LePage, Cameron Inc. and Park Lane Jewelry.

As a professional coach, Les prompts, challenges, and supports his clients to make the changes required for consistent success (especially the changes they are resisting!). He has personally coached hundreds of business leaders to achieve exceptional profits and productivity.

His motto is, Focus, follow through and FINISH!


Born and raised in a quiet little city, Belfast, Northern Ireland!

First job, Lab Tech at the Belfast City Hospital, specializing in Hematology.

(Note: worst subjects in high school; Math and Science – wrong job!)

Interests: Sports, especially football (soccer), hiking, golf, reading, swimming, visiting new countries, mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Board member for Impact Society, a non-profit organization that helps junior high school students build confidence, character and integrity.

Married to Fran (37 years and counting); also blessed with two wonderful children, Jennifer and Andrew.

Resides in Calgary - Alberta, Canada.


Les met his first mentor, speaking legend Jim Rohn, in 1980. Two years later, he was hosting seminars and had invited Jim to speak. During the next 12 years, Les’s seminar business, Achievers Canada, blossomed to become one of the largest in the country, delivering more than 450 programs to thousands of business leaders and professional salespeople.

During the last two decades, Les has spoken around the world and shared the stage with the biggest names in the industry. Acknowledged today for his ability to turn complex challenges into simple solutions, Les is booked by Fortune 100 companies and major business associations. He has a special place in his heart for helping small companies grow and succeed.


Although the seminar business brought excellent feedback from those who attended, Les found it difficult to measure long term results. He began researching what it takes to create results that stick. The outcome was a 2 year coaching program for small groups of entrepreneurs and business leaders that consistently helped his clients to double their income and triple their time off.

After more than 30 years in the training industry, Les now coaches several business owners one-to-one. Known by his peers and clients as The Focus Coach, his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the breakthroughs his clients create in their personal lives, as much as hearing about their significant business and financial success.


Les’s passion for impacting people with words began as a young boy in Ireland where he dreamed of being an international sports journalist, football being the game he loved the most. Today, Les is a prolific author having 6 bestselling books under his belt, including his first title, the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Power of Focus, co-authored by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, the famous creators of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

8 points from the book The Power of Focus:

  • Each week, take one day completely off. No business phone, no emails. No work. Just make it your day to think and plan. But don’t do any business work.
  • Spend time with your family. At least one day each week should be a full family day. If you can’t do that, be sure to spend as much time as you possibly can each day in the mornings or evenings with the people you love and care about.
  • Before going to sleep, create an outline of what you want to accomplish the following day. Not in your head, write it down. Do that from Monday to Friday.
  • Find one thing that makes your day better. Each of us have things we enjoy doing. Make sure you do something you enjoy each day. Whatever it is. Treat yourself.
  • Have a sleep. The authors suggest taking a 25 minute midday nap, during the week. This will re-charge you and get you more focused. Especially if you wake up between 5:30-6:30am each morning.
  • Ask more. Don’t be scared of rejection. You need to ask people in all situations what you want. It’s what kids do. It’s what works. Ask and you’ll often get.
  • Be consistent and persistent. Don’t give up on something after only a couple of tries. It can often take years of toiling away to make you an ‘overnight success’.
  • Keep your promises. Most people don’t follow through and do what they say. If you do, make sure you promote that fact. In emails or calls to clients, let them know that you got ____ done “as promised.” That will reinforce your commitment.

Les has always enjoyed interviewing successful people, digging deep to find out what makes them tick. For years he studied veteran interviewers like Larry King, the renowned CNN host of Larry King Live, and many others. The outcome was the creation of The Power of Focus Audio Club, containing exclusive interviews with 30 business masters and personal development experts. He now includes video tutorials, short high-impact lessons on a wide range of topics.

What’s Les like on stage?

His style is to engage, challenge, entertain and inspire his audience, every time. He has found that by posing direct questions, using fascinating real life stories to emphasize a point, along with a healthy sprinkling of humor (having some fun is important), people respond quickly and really enjoy the whole experience.

However, the bottom line is all about producing results, so the content is practical with lots of Action Steps that can be implemented right away.

What you won’t get from Les are boring Power-Point slides, a canned speech and a lot of useless hype that is forgotten a few days later!

As well as ensuring solutions for your specific challenges delivered during his presentation, Les also enjoys pre-calling several audience members to gain their perspective, too. If desired, a series of follow up videos are also included to ensure fast implementation of the most important strategies. This is all free of charge.

Business leaders around the world turn to Les when they need help with one or more of these four fundamental issues:

  1. They are concerned and unclear about their future goals and direction.
  2. Their leaders or sales people are not focusing on their top priorities and delivering the expected results.
  3. Internal and external relationships are sub-par, especially in the areas of effective communication and creating leverage with their best clients.
  4. Bad habits, personal and professional, are seriously affecting productivity, morale and profits. There are volumes of evidence to support this scary fact!

His role as The Focus Coach is simply to fix all of this, and more.